Reusable with activated charcoal filter, with valves
Integrated filter element 3 μm
high quality valve system
stable aluminium-base
at bottom
Installation position
Temp. min.
-40 °C
Temp. max.
70 °C
Housing: Aluminium and acrylic
Gasket: NBR


These reusable adsorber filters are used for the ventilation of hygroscopic substances of any kind.


Other variants with housing in aluminum or stainless steel as well as for aggressive media are available on request.
Design bases are medium, air flow rate or clunk pick-up volume.


6 Item
Identification Air volume
Water absorption capacity
for tank size filling quantity silica gel
G Weight
HK FI AD 310 MV N AF VPA 20 0.38 100 - 600 litres 0.8 311.0 110.0 148.0 G 3/4" 2.300
HK FI AD 311 MV N AF VPA 20 0.38 100 - 600 litres 0.8 311.0 110.0 148.0 G 1" 2.300
HK FI AD 330 MV N AF VPA 40 0.48 100 - 600 litres 1.2 412.0 110.0 148.0 G 3/4" 3.000
HK FI AD 331 MV N AF VPA 40 0.48 100 - 600 litres 1.2 412.0 110.0 148.0 G 1" 3.000
HK FI AD 510 MV N AF VPA 100 0.80 600 - 1800 litres 2.0 329.0 150.0 187.0 G 1" 4.600
HK FI AD 560 MV N AF VPA 210 1.72 1800 - 3600 litres 4.3 549.0 150.0 187.0 G 1" 7.900
Air volume: Recommended air throughput for optimum drying efficiency


Mounting flange for adsorber
Mounting flange for adsorber
Mounting flange for adsorber

Spare parts

Refill-kit for reusable adsorber
Adsorbent silicagel

Additional information

In the adsorber the water molecules contained in the air are bounded in the pores of the adsorbent (silica gel). The saturation (charging) and then the necessary replacement of the filter cartridge is indicated by a color change from orange to green.
The desing of the reusable adsorber filters, in combination with the activated carbon allows an unlimited number of regenerations of the adsorbents. Additionally, the valve system protects against unnecessary water uptake from the ambient air during the downtime. This allows longer periods of use.
Silica gel consists of about 99 % of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and is classified as a synthetic polar and hydrophilic desiccant. It possesses due to its high porosity, a large internal surface area of up to 800 m2/g.This enables a very high water holding capacity.
In adsorber filters silica gel is often added with a color indicator. Color changes indicate the water content and therefore the progress of the loading of the desiccant.
According to EU legislation (Regulation EC No 1272/2008) silica gel is not classified as a dangerous substance. It is not subject to classification according to EC Directives (67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC). Silica gel is not among the health and environmentally hazardous substances.

Ordering information

For tank mounting the mounting flange HK FI AD FS must be ordered if necessary.


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